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Thank you so much - first, for the fast delivery (I was out of face cream) and second, for the great mascara!  Complete Skincare has the most loving, generous customer care of any company I’ve ever done business with.  I’m telling my friends about you, and I wish you and your company all the success in the world.

You know, I just LOVE getting packages from you folks. I always get a smiley and a sweet thank you! It always makes my day terrific!

So thank you!

Your loyal customer,



Thank you so much for the gift card!

I am your customer for life. You carry all of the products I use and I love that they arrive so promptly . Kristin

Hello, Karen. I am impressed! Ya'll rock on customer service. Very nice touch indeed. I was referred by my sister, Lisa from Boulder, CO. Thank you for your quick attention. Wishing you a wonderful afternoon

Hey girls!!!

I received my little box today and I have to thank you so much for all the little gifts you included.  Not only did I get my stuff in 2 days,  I have all these neat new things to try.  Really love you guys and can’t put into words how fantastic your customer service is, not to mention the variety of products and the quick delivery.

Love you to pieces!!

Have a great Autumn !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Karen and friends, 

Thank you so much for your kind words and the gifts you sent. The bottle of the B5 gel is greatly appreciated. You are, and continue to be, 
a stellar company with heart. Be well, enjoy the holidays and keep on smilin. Warmly, Colleen

You guys are so awesome.   Thank you so very much. I can always count on you guys to give the optimal customer service that could ever be possible.  There’s not much of that left out there these days. Another site that I bought everyday stuff from --  is closing down.   They didn’t have the good skin care stuff but they had all the other stuff I would normally get at the drugstore and then some.   It’s a real bummer. I hope to goodness you guys are around ‘til I’m 80 and ugly.   LOL Luv ya Lana

Why have I not heard of this skincare website a long time ago !!! I must tell everyone I know about them ! The prices are a lot lower then other websites (trust me , I'm a shopper that shops around ) . I must say their customer service is like no other I had a problem with my order and it was almost like they have their fingers on the keys at that moment and responded I am absolutely blown away they will definitely be my go to shopping for all of my skincare!! KR

Great website with good prices. My order came very quickly and was exactly what I wanted. The one time I ordered before and the items didn't work out, the customer service department was very helpful and returned the items for a full refund without any problems. I compared prices on with and even with skinstore's 20% off coupon, completeskincare had the better offer. I will order from them again.

I couldn't believe how quickly my order was shipped and arrived. It was far above my expectations.

Delivery was prompt, and discount was fabulous! From now on, am only buying from this site.

I was very pleased with the service. My order arrived as promised and the packaging was excellent. I had checked the pricing on the items I ordered with other stores and I was amazed at the savingseceived . I would not hesitate to order again from Completeskincare.  All in all "A" rating.

My order arrived almost over-night!! I was so surprised and love my products.

I have never been dissappointed when I purchase products at Completeskincare. I receive my shipments promptly and I am always pleased with what I order. I tell all my friends about the products offered and the ease of ordering. I look forward to the emails notifying me of discounts and specials. This is my number One site for skin care!!

Thank you Karen. I so appreciated the help and the humanity of the correspondence. I think I will put this exchange in my book on spirituality of the marketplace! Thanks for the samples, too. I love your site, and what people say to me about how I look from using the products you send me. Sara
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I am trilled! I received my Dr. Gross Face Peel Extra Strength Pads in record time. I ordered them on Friday the 26th and I received them today Monday the 29th. This is fabulous because I just ran out of my Face Peel Regular Strength Pads. I will always order from you. Thank You So Much Claudia
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Thank you for being here! You have to stay in business FOREVER! Best customer service ever, anywhere. Luv u guys! S.Brannon
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I was having trouble with the b5 gel with breakout so I called and talked to one of the representatives and first of all I was so impressed by the fact that they answered the phone themselves without a voice recording (when does that ever happen?) The lady I talked to was so nice and helpful, she talked to me like I was her best friend. Then without question she gave me instant refund without the hassle of having to return the product. WOW! I was so impressed. I am a forever customer. Keep up the great customer service. More business's should follow your example. Gerry
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You people are awesome! I've been ordering Skincecuticals (per plastic surgeon's instructions), but your prices are better than buying at his office. I just ordered SkinMedica Skin Polisher (2 oz.) and you sent me an 8 oz. bottle gratis! I tried your Dermalogica eye/lips product a few years ago and can't do without it. I had a face-lift seven years ago, but thanks to your products, people still compliment me on my skin (I'm 68 years old) and they think I'm 10 years younger! Yes, products cost a little more than drugstores, but the quality is well worth it. Thanks again. You can use me as a testimonial anytime. I would send a picture, but can't find the place on your website . Floy *Results may vary from person to person

Hi there!  I just placed another order with you and wanted to thank you for your site.  At checkout today I indicated that I found you on Yahoo but that was how I found you ORIGINALLY (many moons ago).....not today. 

I've been considering trying TNS Essential serum but it is so expensive, I've hesitated.  When I saw your email today with a special discount code I decided to give it a whirl, along with the retinol and sunscreen.

I just saw at the bottom of your email that it costs you whenever people get to your site via google (and I imagine yahoo is the same etc), so I will be conscious of that with my future purchases with you!!!

Thanks again for your help on the phone earlier today (I called with a question) and for your affordable prices.

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Dear Complete Skin Care,
I want to thank you for sending my last shipment to me soo quickly! I really appreciated that. Since my son wants to start using some of the products I use to keep my face clear, we were sharing them between bathrooms. Thank you as well for the very nice gift. You do know how I like Skin Medica. Danielle is the sweet lady who helped me and seems to be the person who I most often order with. You are always so nice and so helpful to me, Danielle. I can't give enough praise to all of you. Your prices and customer service are a true blessing. I hope you are all having a nice summer. I'm sending a hug to each one of you. Julia

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Hi Karen,
Thanks you so much for your quick reply to my Skin Medica concern.  I feel much better now and do believe you!  That is a terrible way for Skin Medica to treat the companies that keep them in business.  If it wasn't for people like you I wouldn’t be able to buy these products.  For that I thank and applauded you.  The first time I bought the TNS Essential Serum was from my daughter’s dermatologist’s office.  I loved the product, but knew I couldn’t keep up the regiment at the retail cost.  That is when I found Complete Skin Care.  I looked at other sites too, but I really liked yours and also love your videos and the tips you give us.  I have talked to some of your staff too and they are always pleasant, helpful and professional.   
I will be placing another order for the TNS Essential Serum.  I also use the tri- retional complex as you suggested in your video and love the Dermal Repair cream that I use at night.  I also use the TNS Eye repair twice a day.  I probably will be calling you or one of your staff to ask what other suggestions they might have for me.  I am 65 years old and my skin is fairly nice and I am told all the time I don’t look my age......probably don’t act it either!!!!  
Thank you again for your honesty, integrity and helping your customers look and feel their best with products they can afford.   

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My recent order arrived with a complimentary box of SkinMedica
ultra sheer samples, courtesy of "Karen" (note at bottom of packing

What a delightful surprise! Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

Cordially (your loyal customer!),

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I spoke with Kim about my order and she was very helpful! I am a very good customer with you as you see. I was concerned because I did not see my confirmation order online. Kim was so quick to look things up and confirm everything. Kim has a very nice voice and a very genuine voice. I knew she really did care about my order. I do appreciate that and I want Kim to get credit for that because in this world of non-customer service, you really do have a pearl!
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WOW    You guys are so awesome.  That is truly the highest level of customer service I have received in many years.  My Gosh,   thank you so very much.    It leaves me speechless, except to emphasize how much I appreciate your standing behind your products and giving customer satisfaction of the highest level.

Thanks a million!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Lana  
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I received my package and little travel gifts and I want to say THANK YOU SOOOOO VERY MUCH. Please also extend my gratitude to Kim!

It's a pleasure to have found you. You will have my business from now on.

Kindest Regards , Susan 
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  I just wanted to say that I'm SOOOO impressed with your speedy delivery!!! My package wasn't expected until 6th of September and I received it today, the 3rd!!! Saved $10.00 on my Murad and $22.00 on Skinmedica!!! So glad I found Completeskincare, Great prices and quick delivery. Super appreciated in this economy!!!
New Loyal Customer!!! 
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I have to tell you that I am knocked off me feet by your response to my quandary.  Your customer service is astonishing.  First of all, I am very relieved to know the back story on what happened so I don't need to worry that you are a discount source with less than perfect ethics.  Secondly, I appreciate so much the lengths you have gone to to keep me as a customer, ad a happy customer at that.  Having spent most of my life in  the retail environment I have a great respect for how you have handled my problem.  

In no way did I expect you to completely  refund me especially without my returning the product.  So thank you very much.   I only hope that Skinceuticals will make it good for you in turn.  Incidentally, I have tried banging the bottom of the container and it did not work.

I have used retin-a for a hundred years but as winter approaches I am thinking of trying something a little less drying on my aging skin.  So I thought I would go for the less intensive retinol.  If you think that the one you suggested is a good choice then I am willing to give it a try.  I also know that I need serum but am unsure if I am low on anything else so I want to check things before placing an order.  I am working straight through the weekend so it will be sometime next week before I can address the issue.

Thank you so much for taking such good care of me.
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I don't usually write to companies I order from, but I have to say that I am impressed.  You guys delivered your products promptly and with great samples included.

Thank you very much for providing the products at reasonable prices.

It's hard to find good customer service these days, and this transaction was flawless.

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I just received my order yesterday and am thrilled! I placed an order on Sunday, November 27 because I was dissatisfied with another skincare website (that shall remain nameless). I was so happy to see that when my order was shipped it was sent 2-day shipping. And to top it off, I was treated to some free samples! I love, love, love the products and am so excited to see some results! The selection on this site is amazing! I am looking forward to exploring other new products. Thanks for being so great.

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 Mae is 74 yrs old

First off, thank you for the gratis SkinCeuticals SPF Active cream for "being a loyal customer" even though I didn't quite make the $275 minimum purchase.  I appreciate your consideration... Especially given I live at the beach and am in the sun a lot.
Speaking of the sun... The biggest reward w/my las purchase with the SkinCeuticals Epidermal Repair.  I just purchased it cuz it was on sale and I was curious as I love the line.  I haven't had any procedures which the product is advertised for, but I did get sunburned last weekend which turned into a rash and breakout.  I tried the Epidermal Repair on the effected area and it's been amazing how my skin recovered. Usually it takes up to 7 days for the rupture to clear..but only 3 days this time..and I know it's because of this amazing product.  Tell your customers, it works for sunburns and breakouts that rupture heal faster too!
SkinCeuticals A.G.E Interrupter is also a winner..except for the price. I'm addicted though and see there is now an eye cream.  I'll be backatcha to order more of this product too. Diane Scott
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I am so-00000 happy that you have the BEST prices for all of us to enjoy the wonderful products--as--I am 65 and trying just to look refreshed.  You are loved for this. Elaine

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Received my order yesterday and want to Thank You! for sending me the large size of the Green Vibrance at no extra charge.  I very much appreciate it. Important to me to let you know.  Thank you again.

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Thank you so much.  I had no idea the Obagi eye cream would come in such a great box.  I love it!! And thank you so much for all the AMAZING samples. It feels like my birthday! Have a great day and thank again.  Sharon  

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I just received my order yesterday and was so pleasantly surprised at your generosity. Thank You so much for taking the time to address my requests and for the full sample of the Skinceuticals blemish gel. I tried it yesterday and I love it.  I just wanted to write to tank you for your EXCELLENT customer service. I am going to higly recommend your company to my other friends who use Skinceuticals products. Lee
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I just want to thank you for the very best service I've ever had!!!  What a great company!! and thank you also for taking the time to answer my question .. I WILL ORDER FROM YOU AGAIN AND AGAIN. sasha
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I just received the wonderful gifts that you sent to me.  That touched me deeply.  I didn't expect anything, Your service is extraordinary and I'm happy to pass my good fortune on to others.  God Bless You Rhonda
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Hello ,I just received the second part of my recent order and saw that you had added a complimentary product. I assume this is your way of apologizing for the delay in my order. I just want to thank you!! I so appreciate the thought and really like the gift product. I have to say that this means a lot to me and I will continue to be your customer, because of this great customer service approach. Congratulations on going back to basics of making your customers happy, no matter what!! Alex  
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Thank you, thank you for all the free samples with my last order. I so appreciate your fabulous customer service. I will put the samples away for my future trip....and pass your good name on to my friends . Sincerely,
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Hi , , Today I received a box with a note from "Karen" in it. To say I was SHOCKED
is putting it mildly! I can't believe all the fabulous products you sent me,
and in no way did I "deserve" this special treatment! Wow .... I'm really
speechless! I've never had anything like this happen before, and I will
never forget it! You have given the term "customer service" a whole new
meaning! More like customer indulgence! Thanks a million, and I will enjoy every product to the hilt. :-) God bless,
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Thank you for your reply. I just really appreciate your very nice responses and am quite surprised by them, frankly!
I deal with many online companies and yours is the best by far! Thanks again,
Thank you for all your advice. May I look like Christy Brinkley once I receive the order.
S.Micon   *Results may vary from person to person
I received my order yesterday. Just wanted to Thank You for your
appreciation, the free samples, and the gift. It was a nice surprise and a
very nice personal touch.
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Wow! I got my order TODAY! You guys are awesome! I have been telling two of my friends about you! S.Mielke 
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Hello i received my order today (i had just ordered on friday!!) and was totally blown away!!! thank you so much soooo much, not only for the extra product (body lotion) and samples but mostly for your kind hand written note!!! makes me as a customer feel very special and makes me feel there are still people in this internet world that actually do care!!! V.Mickler 
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To whom it may concern
I have ordered from you a few times and have not only been happy with the quick service ,but your honesty and free samples made it that much better. I have many companies asking me to order from them and I haven't switched yet. D . Snyder *Results may vary from person to person

I received my order today - it arrived quickly, as usual. Thanks so much for including such a nice bonus - I have used the Skinceuticals anti-oxidant lip repair in the past and I really like it!
Yours is the best on-line store I've ever ordered from (and I do a lot of on-line shopping!). Your service is first-rate and your selection is terrific. Two orders ago, I even asked if you had a sample of a particular item I was interested in, and you found it and sent it along - I was impressed. I now recommend you to two of my friends who also like the Skinceuticals line. Thanks very much - have a nice weekend! S.Parker  
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I have been ordering from you for a while now, and I have never had a bad
experience. You are always very quick with shipments and everything is great. R.Dee 
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I just wanted to say I very much appreciate the extra effort - and I will
recommend you to everyone I know. Thanks again a million!! S.Lane 
*Results may vary from person to person

I received my order yesterday and I was so surprised to see all the samples
you had sent. I really appreciate it and I look forward to shopping again
with complete skin care. Thank you so much!!! R.Langford  
*Results may vary from person to person

Yesterday, I arrived home to find my package of SkinCeuticals products, which I ordered online on Sunday, January 13th. Not only was the order filled and delivered in a timely manner, but the products were, as always, packaged perfectly with a few delightful samples enclosed as well as a full-sized SkinCeuticals Body Polish.
In addition to wanting to thank you for your consistently excellent service, I want to comment on a handwritten note from Lynn on my Invoice No. 18857, thanking me for my business. I have spent thousands of dollars annually for online purchases over the past few years from other vendors and have never received a personal message like this. It was greatly appreciated and I am heartened to know that there are companies that truly place a premium on customer service. Thank you. -- L.Burke  *Results may vary from person to person

Thanks so much for the free gift!! What a treat! The Jan Marini arrived the day we spoke. I appreciate your wonderful customer service. I will continue ordering with your company. You went above and beyond! Thanks!! C.Mario
*Results may vary from person to person

You are the nicest person I have ever dealt with!!! NO kidding!!! I so appreciate your frankness and honesty and also your interest in answering my questions. It does make me trust you and your products and yes, I am going to re-order the TNS serum and also a good moisturizer. Perhaps you can recommend one for a 50 year old . Again, thanks for your always prompt replies! C . Horton  *Results may vary from person to person

Today is saturday and I received my pkg. just now !thank you again for your prompt response . I will be ordering from your company again soon--as these items are gifts; I will order in the futurefor myself!! thanks again. I appreciate the inclusionof the samples I requested. good service! T.Jacobsen 
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I just want to say thanks for such great customer service. I'll be sharing your site with friends. S.Pass 
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Thank you so much for the prompt phone call yesterday - I really appreciateyou calling me directly and sending me another bottle of the Retinol. Yourcustomer service is amazing -- I could not stop thinking about how kind andrare that is ! Consider me a long-term customer - I will be sure to refer all of my"product-crazy" girlfriends to your site . Thank you again. J.Nadis 
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Thank you so much, you'ved earned a loyal customer, with such great customer support you can't lose (and it sets you far apart from your competitors)! :) A.Gun 
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I wanted to tell you that I was delighted when the mail arrived yesterday and I received my order!! That is what I call "great" service as I placed my order on Friday the 9th. Also "many thanks" for samples that were included in my shipment. I look forward to trying each one and you can be assured when I purchase any SkinCeutical products I will be ordering from you. Thanks again J.Shannon 
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What a nice customer service experience! Thank you for the information. A . Munnin  
*Results may vary from person to person

You guys are so sweet.......Thank you so much for the awesome "Free Sample Pkg". I only expected a couple of samples. I will put these to good use.....Thanks again, S.Scotts  *Results may vary from person to person

I just received my order very safely , qucikly, promptly ..Thank you very much. I appreciated doing business with you. Thanks for samples too D.Miramadi 

*Results may vary from person to person

You have a great site! I plan to make some more purchases soon. Thank you for your response. I have already forwarded your site to two friends who are also interested in the Skin Medica products. S.Clarkson   *Results may vary from person to person

I spoke with you the other day regarding returning Alpha derma products and exchanging for Skin Medica--Thank you for your help---I followed your instructions regarding balance, etc .THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH C Brown 

*Results may vary from person to person

I got home yesterday evening to find a small box of stuff! Thank you oh so much. Between last night and this morning, my skin feels great. I will keepyou posted. And thank Kim for the samples.. truly kind of you. I'm so glad you guys are around. I'll tell you how things go .Take care and thanks much. D .Malhani  
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Received my order. Thanks so much for the samples. I felt like it was Christmas. You guys are GREAT!!! I really appreciate it. Have a Wonderful Blessed Day!!!! S.Hortque  *Results may vary from person to person

What great customer service you have! I just received my replacement Freeze with a return label. I will return the defective bottle today .This new bottle works fine. I appreciate your help and the quick response. P.Orion  *Results may vary from person to person

Thanks so much for your prompt advice and in particular the very nice discount offer. I've just successfully placed the order at your website and can't wait to receive it. You are the best website I have ever purchased from. I wish all of them were as efficient as your company! Until next time :O) E.Dish 
*Results may vary from person to person

Thank you, Kim, for the wonderful samples that arrived yesterday with my order. And also for the TNS hydrating masque (I have in on my face right now) was such an unexpected terrific surprise! You are so generous — I've never experienced anything like it from any company before . I told my friend about you on Thursday (before I got my shipment) and my sister-in-law yesterday. I think Complete Skin Care is the best ! Thank you again.I'll let you know what I think about the products . Warmest regards, M.Ward
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I ordered a few products last week and had a slight problem inputting my credit card info. I recently discovered that I can use my HSA debit card to pay for non-prescription skincare products and switched from using my VISA credit account to the HSA account. I tried several times to input the new card info and finally got a message to contact a service rep at complete skin care. When Karen (I think that was her name) called me back she was so helpful and polite and input my order for me over the phone. When I received my order I was pleasantly surprised to find several samples of TNS products, a cosmetic bag and a TNS T-shirt! Your service has always been really good and I wanted to thank your for the special treatment on my most recent ord
. C . Hou  
*Results may vary from person to person