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Skin Solutions MicroDermabrasion Cream With AHA (4 oz)

Skin Solutions MicroDermabrasion Cream With AHA (2 oz)

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MicroDermabrasion Cream With AHA (2 oz)

Microdermabrasion works by manually abrading the skin's most superficial layer. This is an artificially accelerated form of skin exfoliation which, over eight or more weeks, simulates the production of new living cells at the skin's lower level.
Stimulation of this lower layer, in due course, causes faster cell production and replacement, which further encourages vasodilatation, improved cell nutrition, improved skin elasticity and improved skin texture. The result of these home facial microdermabrasion treatments is fresher, healthier skin with enhanced surface qualities including the all important quality of absorption. It is for this last reason that we advise you to use a premium cell regenerative product after your microdermabrasion treatment.
  • Microdermabrasion Benefits 
  •          Reduce the thickness of the surface layer of your facial skin through simple, fast and inexpensive mechanical exfoliation of dead cells.
  •         Stimulates fibroblasts for collagen regeneration in a conservative, progressive and controlled manner.
  •         Stimulates blood flow to your facial skin which increases nutrition to the skin cells and enhances the skin's natural regenerative process.
  •         Perform controlled planeing of scars, hyper pigmentation, and mild acne with no significant irritation.
  •         Ease of monitoring your progress by simply taking photos every two weeks for serial comparison. You will see the difference for yourself.
  •         No negative long term effects. Microdermabrasion will always do the same job with the same amount of time, product and effort. You will not require more of anything no matter how long you continue to use it.
  •         Major reduction of the appearance of facial wrinkles and premature ageing lines. 
  •          Overall rejuvenation of facial skin health which confidently affects attitude.
  •          Enhanced penetration of topical products after treatment.
  •         Completely safe for pregnant or nursing women.
  •        No recovery or downtime, any residual redness or inflammation from over use may be camouflaged immediately with makeup, no peeling or flaking.
  •         Home microdermabrasion is typically performed in 1 - 2 minutes all done in the shower. Suitable for any skin type and color.
  •        After several weeks of microdermabrasion treatments, the skin is softer, has improved function, is more tolerant of environmental abuse, is less sensitive, is better hydrated and has the appearance of less wrinkles and dark spots.
Start by washing face and hands. The shower is a good place to perform your treatment.  Use this product by applying cream sparingly directly to face or areas to be renewed. For your face, use about five little blobs each about the size of two lima beans.  Keep your eyes closed so you won't get it in your eyes.  If you do get some cream in your eyes simply step into the shower stream and rinse thoroughly until clear. 
              Wet, then squeeze excess water from a terrycloth washcloth.  Fold the washcloth several times until you have a thick pad that you can easily use with one hand.  Apply face soap to the washcloth as this makes the scrubbing action more efficient.  Alternately you may apply the cream to your washcloth rather than your face so that you have a spot of cream is about the size of a fifty cent piece.
Gently scrub areas to be treated.  Do not over-abrade.  Start conservatively, 4-6 passes over any area.  You will be able to feel the abrasive action while scrubbing.  In a week or two you should have a proficient awareness of how much pressure and how many passes are best for you.

Item Number: SS06
Manufacturer: Skin Solutions
Manufacturer Part No: ss06

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